Company History

1979: Parking Lot Sweeping Services
Calvin McNeely starts a parking lot sweeping business, Upstate Sweeping Service.
1980: Upstate Sweeping Service
Upstate Sweeping Service adds striping and seal coating services.
1984: McNeely Enterprises
McNeely Enterprises was formed.
1986: First Airport Job
Major growth year for Upstate Sweeping Service. The company gets its largest parking lot striping job to date, the Salmon Run Mall in Watertown, New York, and their 1st airport striping job, at Fort Drum in Upstate New York.
1987's: Business continues to grow
Acute Construction was formed by Rhonda McNeely with a focus on highways.
1987: Second Airport Job
Upstate Sweeping Service gets their 2nd runway striping job, Oswego County Airport for Barrett Paving Materials. Upstate Sweeping Service is also awarded a contract for over $500,000.00 from Morrison-Knudsen to stripe roads and parking lots at the new Fort Drum.
1989: Hi-Lite Striping was formed
Richard ‘Dick’ McNeely, along with his sons Calvin, John and Howie, as well as Dick’s wife Linda and Calvin’s wife Rhonda, create Hi-Lite Striping.
1990: Hi-Lite Markings, Inc. was formed
Hi-Lite Markings, Inc was formed to handle the demand for airport runway and taxiway striping.
1992: N.Y. Traffic Supply was formed
The McNeely’s form another company, N.Y. Traffic Supply, to sell traffic paint, glass beads, temporary markings, pre-formed tape and equipment.
1996: First Out-Of-State Contract
Hi-Lite Markings is awarded their first major out-of-state airport striping contracts in Montgomery, Alabama for Cardinal Grooving and in Harlingen, Texas for Ballengar Construction.
1998: Hi-Lite Acquires Waterblasting Company
Hi-Lite purchases HEMS, a water-blasting company in Virginia.
1999: Hi-Lite is awarded Wal-Mart Parking Lot Striping Contract
Hi-Lite Striping is awarded a multi-million dollar contract to stripe all the Wal-Mart parking lots in the Northeast.
2000: Airports Focus
Hi-Lite starts to focus primarily on airports.
2005: RejuvaSeal® Acquisition
Hi-Lite begins offering pavement rejuvenation using RejuvaSeal®.
2006: The Canadian Market
Hi-Lite Canada is started in Calgary, Alberta, making Hi-Lite an international company.
2005: Canadian Office Opens in Ontario
Hi-Lite Canada acquires some of the assets of Riddell Pavement in Kingston, Ontario, including a facility, which is now the headquarters for the Canadian branch of Hi-Lite.
2008: Hi-Lite Opens Maintenance Facility in Watertown
Hi-Lite Markings, Inc. breaks ground on new, state-of-the-art Fleet Maintenance Facility in Watertown, NY.
2009: Airports in Latin America
Hi-Lite Markings begins providing contracting in Central America, Caribbean, and South America.
2009: AirMark®
Hi-Lite celebrates their 20th anniversary. In addition, Air Mark Thermoplastic Division is formed to provide enhanced runway signs (preformed thermoplastic pavement marking system).
2010: Hi-Lite acquires Hi-Lite Solutions and Expands to Middle East Market
Worldwide expansion begins when Hi-Lite signed a contract at the New Doha International Airport in Doha. In addition, Hi-Lite began manufacturing its own line of chemicals for rubber removal and aircraft cleaning with Bobbie Pettit, a chemist from Virginia who has specialized aqueous, environmentally friendly chemicals for the aerospace, military, and industrial markets. Today, Hi-Lite Solutions offers a full line of chemicals to complement the services of Hi-Lite.
2012: Florida State-Wide Contract
Hi-Lite wins the Florida state-wide contract and opens offices in St. Augustine, Florida.
Today Hi-Lite offers a complete line of airfield maintenance services. Their clients span the globe. Hi-Lite has business units in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Middle East, and the Caribbean. Whether they send a crew across town or across the world, Hi-Lite's main objective is to enhance airfield safety, and minimize runway incursions and excursions, making it safer to fly for every man, woman and child that boards a plane.