‘Preparing Airfields Today for a Safer Tomorrow’

On January 6, 2017, Hi-Lite Airfield Services unveiled its new logo at its annual Safety Summit in Watertown, NY.

The bold yet simple font in Hi-Lite's new logo symbolizes strength, longevity, and continuity. It represents doing more with less to achieve long-term success. The font is italicized because Hi-Lite is constantly moving forward in its quest to help airports reach the highest levels of asset preservation, compliance and safety.

The font is red, an action color that represents Hi-Lite's ability to stay inspired, innovative and connected while helping airports around the world meet their critical needs.

The H firmly planted in the Wing is symbolic of the company's exclusive commitment to the aviation industry to help airports fly forward and stay ahead of the forecasted travel demand that is crippling airports that aren't prepared for the future today.

Hi-Lite Airfield Services, a global leader in airfield maintenance, is now providing long-term integrated airside safety solutions to reduce risk and lower cost. "In order to serve airports in this new capacity we are proud to announce our new logo," says John S. McNeely, Hi-Lite's CEO. "Our new vision allows us to prepare airfields today for a safer tomorrow."

About Hi-Lite Airfield Services, LLC

Hi-Lite offers a complete line of airfield maintenance services. Its clients span the globe. Hi-Lite has business units in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Middle East, and the Caribbean. By offering an entire package of airfield maintenance services, and using the finest materials, equipment and manpower, Hi-Lite has proven time and time again that they provide quality service and an incredible finished product in a timely manner. Whether they send a crew across town or across the world, Hi-Lite's main objective is to enhance airfield safety, and minimize runway incursions and excursions, making it safer to fly.

Join us on our journey forward! Click here for a message from our CEO.

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