Color-Safe® Durable Airfield Markings

Color-Safe from Transpo Industries, Inc. is a methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin system used for airfield markings and anti-skid surfacing on either asphalt or concrete surfaces. Featuring durable high-definition color, Color-Safe can be applied in a single, easy application. No special spray or mixing equipment is required and it is capable of full cure in a wide range of temperatures.

Features and Advantages of Color-Safe include...

    • Variety of Colors and Aggregate Sizes
    • Durable Skid-Resistant 
    • Surface Excellent Color Retention 
    • Easy Application & Fast Cure
    • Low Life Cycle Cost
    • Strong Adhesion to Concrete & Asphalt Surfaces 
    • High Visibility Demarcation 
    • Color-Safe is included in AC 150/5370-10F - Standards for Specifying Construction of Airport