How can a company stay up to date on changes in our industry? Hi-Lite Airfield Services attends conferences throughout the year to connect and share experiences with airport professionals worldwide. The events we participate also serve as an opportunity to reach current and future customers; here are the conferences we are attending for the remaining of 2016 and why we believe they play an important role in our future.

NASAO (National Association of State Aviation Officials): in San Antonio Texas, on September 11th-13th. Audrey Sargent Director of Business Development at our Southwest Division will be attending. NASAO has been around even before the FAA was created. NASAO believes in standardizing airport regulations for the safety of everyone, and creating a forum in which states, government agencies, and others in the industries have a way of communicating with one another.

NYAMA (New York Aviation Management Association): Long Island Hauppauge, NY on September 16th-18th. John McNeely CEO, and Brian Lawton Director of Business Development at our Northeast Division will be attending. Since it's inception in 1976 NYAMA's goal has been to pull out New York's Aviation Industries full potential. Represented by over 13,000 members NYAMA has played in integral part in the betterment of the aviation industry, not only in New York but also everywhere in the country. John McNeely is part of the NYAMA board.

SWIFT (Summer Winter Integrated Field Technologies): Minneapolis-ST. Paul on September 19th-22nd. Bobbie Pettit President of Hi-Lite Solutions, and Bub McNeely Vice President, Safety and Quality Assurance will be attending. SWIFT takes pride in being in the forefront of new technological advancements in pavement design, construction, and maintenance techniques among many other aspects of the aviation industry. This is a great forum for people across the industry to gather and exchange ideas, and information.

ACI NA/World (Airports Council International): Montreal Canada, September 25th-28th. Adil Zaki, Global Managing Director, Bobbie Pettit President of Hi-Lite Solutions, and Erick Yepez, Business Development Specialist will be attending. This year, Montreal serves as a global platform for industry leaders across the world to connect and share experiences.

LAMA (Louisiana Airport Managers and Associates): Covington, Louisiana, September 25th-28th. Audrey Sargent Director of Business Development at our Southwest Division will be attending. LAMA provides a forum for both aviation and airport interest, while fostering educational programs in the state of Louisiana.

SIGHTLINE: Reno, Nevada, October 11th-13th. Bobbie Pettit President of Hi-Lite Solutions will be attending. Sightline's goal is to provide training, and help raise industry standards to increase safety across all airports worldwide.

ACI Africa Annual General Assembly, Regional Conference and Exhibition: Maputo, Mozambique, October 17th-23rd, 2016. John McNeely, CEO and Adil Zaki, Global Managing Director will be attending. This year's theme is "Air connectivity in Africa, the role of airports". The conference will be highlighting the challenges and opportunities of the air traffic development in Africa.

IES Aviation Lighting Committee: San Diego, California, October 23rd-27th. Carlos H. Vázquez PE Director of Operations of Puerto Rico & Caribbean will be attending. The IESALC is the forefront of valuable information regarding good lighting practices. They offer many formal educational programs pertaining to the importance of lighting.

GAA (Georgia Airports Association): Jekyll Island, Georgia, October 26th-28th. Angela Holliday Director of Business Development for the Atlanta Region, Adam Bruner, Senior Project Manager, and Bobbie Pettit, President of Hi-Lite Solutions will be attending. The Georgia Airport Association strongly believes in providing a forum where industry experts can get together to share ideas and develop and expand many aspects of the airport system, strongly believing that the airport industry is an indispensible part of Georgia's economic growth.

FAC (Florida Airports Council) Specialty Conference: Saint Augustine Florida, October 26th-28th. Brian Garratt FDOT Project Manager will be attending. The Florida Airports Council has profoundly influenced on legislation pertaining to the aviation industry. They are constantly figuring out ways to increase state funding for airport development in Florida. FAC also has a strong educational program, offering many scholarships, which are increasing each year.

Hi-Lite takes pride in attending each event, as they provide the opportunity to connect with our customers. We also take pride in showcasing everything we offer and to provide a one of a kind experience when it comes to airfield maintenance. We hope to connect with you in one or many of our upcoming conferences. Let us know if you have any questions regarding airfield maintenance and safety, our mission is to make airfields safer. 










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