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Pavement Maintenance and Preservation Programs

Hi-Lite uses several various techniques for marking pavements last, such as...

  • Asphalt Pavement Rejuvenation - RejuvaSeal®
  • Coal Tar Pavement Sealer
  • Crack Treatments
  • Crack Filling
  • Crack Sealing
  • Joint Sealing
  • Sealate®

What is Pavement Preservation?

When pavements deteriorate to fair or poor condition they require rehabilitation to repair structural damage and restore pavement conditions—a costly, time-consuming activity. Hi-Lite specializes in creating Pavement Maintenance and Preservation Programs that can drastically...

  • reduce down time
  • lower expenses
  • postpone rehabilitation
  • delay reconstruction

Hi-Lite's Techniques for Making Pavements Last

Asphalt Pavement Rejuvenation - RejuvaSeal®
Hi-Lite uses RejuvaSeal®, a revolutionary, three-in-one treatment for asphalt pavements that meets FAA Engineer Briefing 44b. RejuvaSeal is capable of not only sealing the asphalt, but of revitalizing the asphalt binder. Rejuvenation is possible because RejuvaSeal, unlike seal coats, is designed to penetrate the surface of asphalt.

Coal Tar Pavement Sealer
Asphalt pavements, left unprotected, will be damaged and eventually destroyed by the effects of thermal and UV induced oxidation, erosion caused by moisture, gasoline and oil drippings, salt and chemicals. Coal tar emulsion pavement sealers are inherently resistant to these elements and provide protection superior to asphalt based pavement sealers. Regular application of coal tar emulsion pavement sealers will extend the life of the pavement and protect the investment it represents.

Crack Treatments
Crack treatments and pavement repairs are critical for reducing FOD and stopping sub base deterioration. Untreated cracks will become potholes, dips, and bumps. Crack treatments are cost effective and have up to 9 years life performance.

Crack Filling
Crack Filling is a term used for treatments used only on non working cracks. These usually involve a lower quality sealant and little preparation. Crack filling is done on pavements that are fair to poor condition to maintain or slightly improve their condition. The main reasons to do this is to stop moisture from penetrating to the sub base and stop crack raveling.

Crack Sealing
Crack Sealing is performed on pavements that are in good condition. This is defined as pavement with a sound base and exhibits distress in the form of thermal or working cracks with greater than 1/8 inch movement. Generally all crack seal operations include mechanically widening the crack, commonly referred to as routing. The expected life of this operation is generally 5 to 9 years.

Joint Sealing
Joint Sealing is sealing of concrete pavement joints. This is required to stop moisture from entering and deteriorating the sub base of the PCC pavement. This process usually involves sawing the joint wider and use of backer rod to keep the joint sealant from adhering to bottom of the joint and just adhere to the sides.

Sealate® is a specially formulated, high molecular weight methacrylate resin system that is highly effective for sealing and filling cracks in concrete structures. It’s very low viscosity and surface tension allows it to easily penetrate and fill deep cracks in the concrete. Sealate® is easy to handle in all working conditions, requires no special equipment and its rapid curing time assure a quick return to service.

The Advantages Of A Hi-Lite Pavement Preservation Plan Include:

  • Lower Cost of Maintaining Pavements
  • Reduce Down Time
  • Better Quality Pavements
  • The Hi-Lite Difference

Lower Cost of Maintaining Pavements
Hi-Lite will work with you so that over time you will save up to ten dollars for every dollar you spend now. We will also work with you to develop a schedule of pavement treatments that will enable you to predict cost and budget better.

Reduce Down Time
It's costly and time-consuming when airfield pavement requires rehabilitation to repair structural damage and restore pavement conditions. Hi-Lite will help plan your pavement preservation treatments for minimal disruption of normal activities.

Better Quality Pavements
Hi-Lite will show you how regular evaluations and pavement treatments keep pavements in better overall condition. Users will enjoy safer pavements that cause less wear and tear on equipment as well as lower the cost of maintaining pavements. Better Quality Pavements means fewer closures.

The Hi-Lite Difference
Specializing in airports with their unique requirements and offering a vast array of pavement maintenance services, Hi-Lite combines the latest technology with its years of experience at airfields and highways throughout the United States. Hi-Lite offers a rock solid reputation for superior performance, a dedication to the highest quality, and the ability to provide services worldwide.

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