} R4™ - Responsible Runway Rubber Removal Process - Hi-lite Airfield Services, LLC | Preparing Airfields Today For A Safer Tomorrow



Hi-Lite Airfield Services innovative R4 process is the most effective way to remove dangerous rubber from the runway surface. It involves pre-treating the built-up rubber on the runway with AEROGREEN Runway Rubber Removal followed by light waterblasting.

This process...

      • maintains the integrity of the pavement
      • leaves the surface safe and clean
      • doesn't harm light fixtures, markings or joints
      • is very fast and environmentally sound
      • meets or exceeds the strictest government regulations

Download the R4 Responsible Runway Rubber Removal Datasheet>

Benefits of using the R4 process include...

      • decreased pressure required by the waterblaster to eradicate the rubber
      • less chemical is used per square foot because of the waterblaster’s assistance
      • no aircraft damaging FOD to remove
      • runways can reopen almost immediately in the event of an emergency
      • less runway downtime due to faster rubber removal
      • micro and macro texture are improved allowing for better friction on the runway

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