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Proper Surface Preparation

Airfield markings are exposed to all of the worst elements: rain, heat, extreme cold, chemicals, heavy loads and/or infrequent use, ultra violet light, algae and other stresses. Each element can individually stress the markings on the pavement, lowering their visibility. Removing the existing layers affected by such elements, before laying down new markings, gives the fresh coating a better surface on which to bond.

Other contaminants that can affect coating adhesion include;

      • Cure compound (new concrete)
      • Loose, flaky or poorly bonded materials
      • Rubber deposits
      • Oils, fuels, & jet blast
      • Mold or algae

Hi-Lite’s proven methods, modern equipment, and professional technicians, offer high production rates, as well as cost-effective and environmentally friendly results, while setting new standards of excellence in surface preparation.

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