Airfield Markings


When it comes to the safety and clarity of airfield markings, Hi-Lite Airfield Services stands out as a best-in-class contractor in the sector. Our pristine, highly visible airfield markings play a crucial role in minimizing runway incursions and excursions. With mastery in applying waterborne paint, MMA, and preform thermoplastic, our expertise speaks for itself.

Our airfield markings are synonymous with high-quality, durable paint and utilize high-performance airport glass beads. Furthermore, we prioritize safety by ensuring the best levels of retro-reflectivity in our markings.



At Hi-Lite, our seasoned airfield technicians are more than just experienced; they set the benchmark for airfield safety. Our unwavering focus on precision and an acute attention to detail assist airports in achieving comprehensive Part 139 compliance. Our expertise is further elevated by our paint trucks, which not only meet all FAA standards but are also recognized as best-in-class operationally. With each runway stripe, Hi-Lite seamlessly blends compliance with operational excellence.



The right taxiway markings make all the difference in guiding pilots safely. We ensure that our taxiway markings are not just highly visible but also perfectly placed to provide clear visual cues. From centerlines to holding positions, and shoulder and edge markings, our taxiway markings stand out and are always applied with precision to be 100% compliant with FAA Part 139 standards.



Precision is paramount when it comes to painting airport ramps, aprons, and gates. Hi-Lite brings this precision to the forefront. We tackle this delicate task with agility, ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations. Whether day or night, our markings on ramps, aprons, and gates are crisp, clear, and play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless movement of aircraft, equipment, and personnel.

Thermoplastic Picture

Pre-Form Thermoplastic

As a certified applicator with decades of experience, we promise airfield thermoplastic markings of superior quality and resilience.

Why is our Pre-Form Thermoplastic a top choice?

  • The clean, crisp appearance speaks of its quality.
  • Our use of high-quality UV-resistant pigments ensures longevity against constant sunlight.
  • The thermoplastic material adapts seamlessly to pavement contours, guaranteeing a smooth finish.
  • With retroreflective glass beads mixed in during manufacturing, as the marking wears, new beads emerge, retaining its retroreflectivity
  • Not only is it resistant to aviation fuels, lubricants, and de-icers, but post-application, areas can also be swiftly reopened to traffic in as little as 15 minutes
  • Lasts 8-10 paint cycles making it extremely durable compared to standard re-striping
  • FAA compliant for SPHPS, Hold Shorts, and various other Taxiway Directional Markings (Reference FAA Engineering Policy Memo 23-03: Updated Guidance for the Use of Preformed Thermoplastic Markings on Airport Pavements) for further details.