Rubber Removal

Rubber Removal

Carbonized rubber deposits on airport runways can compromise safety by significantly reducing friction. Hi-Lite stands out as the premier solution for rubber removal on airfields, leveraging our specialized equipment and seasoned staff.

Our commitment to top-notch service includes:

  • Delivering an industry-leading production rate per hour
  • Upholding an outstanding safety record
  • Adhering to environmentally responsible methods

Waterblasting: The Power of the "Rubbernator"

Our uniquely designed "Rubbernator" waterblasters efficiently clean with a six-foot wide pass, capable of clearing up to 30,000 square feet of rubber hourly. Designed for optimal safety, these trucks come equipped with rear-view cameras, monitors, and auxiliary lights, ensuring productivity regardless of environmental conditions. Opt for Hi-Lite's Runway Rubber Removal Waterblasting to guarantee undamaged, consistently cleaned surfaces, ensuring emergency compliance and offering a significantly safer runway due to increased friction.



Chemical Process: Safety Meets Efficiency

We deploy AEROGREEN Runway Rubber Remover combined with rigorous scrubbing to dissolve risky carbonized rubber residue. This chemical process by Hi-Lite ensures complete rubber removal from runways, preserving pavement integrity and ensuring safety for direct contact with aircraft, equipment, and lighting.



R4: The Future of Responsible Runway Removal

Our groundbreaking R4 process represents the pinnacle of runway rubber removal. By pre-treating runways with AEROGREEN and following up with light waterblasting, this method guarantees safety for fixtures, markings, and joints. Furthermore, it's rapid, eco-friendly, and adheres to the strictest governmental guidelines. The advantages of the R4 process are manifold: it necessitates lesser pressure from the waterblaster, optimizes chemical usage, and enhances both micro and macro textures for superior runway friction.

Choose Hi-Lite for unparalleled airfield safety, ensuring runways are not just clean, but safer and compliant.