AMS Case Study – Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport

AMS Case Study - Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport


Early in 2017, Ithaca Tompkins released a bid for airfield maintenance services that included airfield assessment, airfield markings, crack sealing, and sealcoating services. The bid focused on using the airfield assessment as a means of identifying critical repairs that the airport could remediate using their pre-established maintenance budget. Hi-Lite was awarded the contract and was able to implement a full-scale AMS (Airfield Maintenance Services) program at the airport. Josh Nalley ASE, Fire Chief/Airport Deputy Director-Operations for Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport points out that "Instead of just paining everything, we now paint what is needed."  


AMS (Airfield Maintenance Services) is a long-term maintenance contract with pre-established unit prices. Under AMS, work is executed according to agreed upon work orders. Ithaca Tompkins is the first airport in New York State to implement the AMS maintenance model. Brian Lawton, Regional Business Director for Hi-Lite has worked alongside Ithaca Tompkins airport personnel to implement the AMS program. Lawton and Hi-Lite’s Technical Airfield Specialist Mitch Modlin conducted the first airfield markings assessment as per the bid requirements on August 23rd, 2017. As a result, Hi-Lite experts were able to identify specific markings that needed replacement in order for the airport to be in FAA compliance. With an action plan on hand, Ithaca issued a work order for Hi-Lite to mobilize and correct the deficiencies over the 2017 Summer-Fall season.


Following Hi-Lite’s work at the airport, the latest annual FAA Part 139 inspection at Ithaca resulted in zero marking discrepancies. “Our markings met and exceeded our requirements and expectations. In general conversation with the inspector I advised him we had an airfield marking assessment conducted by Hi-Lite. He was kind of setback, mentioning that even large airports don't do that”, said Nalley.  Given the recent trend of outsourcing specialty activities, Ithaca intends to partner with Hi-Lite and follow the AMS model in the years to come. “Your airfield marking assessment program allows us to strategically plan for the next year’s painting season, and do maintenance when needed with actual data, cutting costs,” adds Nalley. “AMS is the way of the future that allows airports to identify immediate critical repairs with a smart allocation of budgets,” comments Lawton. Hi-Lite performed another airfield markings assessment at Ithaca on October 27th, 2017 and was able to provide the airport with a markings action plan for Spring 2018 following Winter Operations.

Services: PA2, Airfield Markings, AMS