AMS Case Study – Miami International Airport (MIA)

AMS Case Study - Miami International Airport (MIA)


Miami International Airport (MIA) is one of the 10 busiest airports in the United States. In order to address the vast maintenance needs at the airport, the Miami Dade Airport Authority launched a bid for an on-site contractor to assist their own resources. The companies bidding on the project realized they needed to be able to set up permanent operations with personnel and equipment in the vicinity of the airport. Given Hi-Lite’s local presence in the State of Florida and the latest focus of creating long-term partnerships with airport authorities, Hi-Lite created an action plan for the bid request. 


In response to the bid request, the Hi-Lite staff prepared a detailed proposal communicating the company’s experience and expertise in airfield maintenance activities and was successfully awarded the contract in 2016.  For Hi-Lite, the expectations for working at a top 10 airport were high and Hi-Lite began recruiting talent and acquiring additional  equipment needed to successfully execute the contract.

During the initial establishment of the Miami Operations, HI-Lite advertised positons and hired local residents from Miami Dade County.  After hire, the new employees embarked in Airfield Maintenance and Safety training through the Hi-Lite Academy and became certified Airfield Maintenance Technicians. “The team understands the high expectations and are fully committed to delivering quality work while upholding company safety standards,” mentions Howard McNeely, Superintendent of the Miami project. In addition, Hi-Lite acquired airport paint trucks and supplementary equipment for both waterborne paint and thermoplastic markings application. A new job site office trailer was also stationed at the airport for immediate workspace needs.


Currently, the scope of work is concentrated to the area of markings’ maintenance in both airside and landside and the execution is based on work orders issued by airport personnel. The Hi-Lite team works jointly with Miami airport personnel to identify issues before they occur and take a proactive and even predictive approach to maintenance. Hi-Lite’s management understands the impact of this type of contract on the local economy and will continue to invest in resources, hire locally, and train personnel to make the contract a success. Through this contract, Hi-Lite is committed to maintaining Miami’s zero discrepancy record in Part 139 marking requirements.

Services: Rubber Removal, Airfield Markings