Airfield Maintenance Services PLUS (AMS+)

Airfield Maintenance Services PLUS

AMS+, like AMS, is a long-term maintenance contract in which airports shift the responsibility of airfield management to Hi-Lite.

AMS+ is positioned to ease constraints while empowering airports to develop fixed and predictable budget allocation streams. Through various options, AMS+ adapts to budgets for ease of planning and project phasing.

AMS+ offers:

  • Program Management
  • Dedicated airport equipment fleet for duration of the contract
  • Execution of required scope of work based on data analysis
  • Zero discrepancies in FAA Part 139 inspections
  • Compliance with ICAO Aerodrome Certification Requirements
  • Ongoing ICAO Aerodrome certification as traffic increases
  • Predictable Budget Allocation/Fixed Monthly Installments