Atlanta – On August 16, 2017, Mrs. Angela Holliday, Regional Business Director, Atlanta region represented Hi-Lite Airfield Services at the panel of the Livestreamed Fatherhood Conversation hosted by Georgia Child Support Services (DCSS). Hi-Lite relationship with DCSS dates back to 2016, where Hi-Lite had the opportunity to recruit talent for airfield maintenance work at a career fair hosted by the Georgia Department of Human Services.

    The Fatherhood Conversation Livestream provided participants the opportunity to learn more about the Fatherhood Program, a program created by the DCSS to assist parents who are unemployed or underemployed and are as a result, unable to pay their full child support obligations. The program connects parents with resources leading to jobs that offer rates above minimum wage, greater self-sufficiency and more emotional, parental, and financial involvement in the lives of their children. Last year, Hi-Lite recruited participants from the program to join the Hi-Lite crew servicing Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

    Specific items discussed by Holliday at the livestream included job placement and mentoring opportunities at Hi-Lite. “What Hi-Lite as an employer offers to participants of the Fatherhood program is the opportunity to join the labor force again after being away for a long time as well as training specific for airfield maintenance operations,” added Holliday.

    “Everyone who works at our company has a shop rate, which serves as time of preparation period to get equipment ready, make sure all safety items have been reviewed, and perform the Stretch & Flex” mentioned Holliday. The last one, Stretch & Flex, is a series of exercises all employees perform prior to production as part of the company’s Think Zero Health & Wellness program, which aims to prevent accidents, work defects, and financial losses.

    Hi-Lite expects to continue the partnership with DCSS in 2018 and beyond as a means of providing job placement opportunities for participants of the program. “We recognize our role in creating jobs for the local community and we are always exploring creative ways to source talent for our operations at the airport,” concluded Holliday.

    To learn more about the Fatherhood Program, please visit the Department of Human Services’ website at https://childsupport.georgia.gov/fatherhood-program.

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