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    Staying true to our objective to keep airfields safe, Hi-Lite celebrates Zero Discrepancies on the FAA Part 139 Inspection at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Our commitment to safety is a key factor in the positive results on inspections and in making SJU one of the safest airports today.

    Hi-Lite proactively works in sync with Aerostar Operations and Maintenance to ensure that the airfield is properly maintained. This means that all horizontal signage and markings are painted correctly and that are bright and visible day and night. It also means that FOD is handled and the airfield is clean of waste and debris. That runways are free of mold, mildew and that rubber build up is effectively removed. And that weekly friction tests show that runways are safe for landings.

    “One of the primary reasons for this impressive outcome is that we had an effective and comprehensive maintenance plan that paid attention to details. This is possible thanks to our AMS+ program here in SJU, which gives us the ability to work year-round, so the airport is always compliant and maintains the strictest safety standards”, states Rogelio Narváez, SJU Project Manager. When asked, what is the solution to keep the facilities prepared for Part 139 inspections, Francisco Javier Torres, Airside Operations Chief in SJU mentioned “teamwork is vital and aligning with strategic partners, such as Hi-Lite, is advantageous in meeting our goals. Hi-Lite’s strategy to have equipment and personnel available lets us get the work done, keeping our compliance program on check and minimizing downtime on runways.”

    Hi-Lite Puerto Rico’s commitment for zero discrepancies does not only aim to uphold FAA standards, but the way projects are executed on an everyday basis. As a company working in complex airfield environments the company’s safety program has been strengthen by the Think Z philosophy. Hi-Lite’s safety motto: Think Z™ (Zero Accidents, Zero Defects, and Zero Losses) translates to what Hi-Lite achieves for clients. Think Z is a commitment to clients that the work will be executed with high standards of safety and quality control. Preventing accidents before they occur is a key component of Think Z and it is achieved through training, safety committee meetings, and implementation at the operational level. The quality of work is what distinguishes Hi-Lite from other service providers. The Think Z program reinforces quality control through continuous training on industry best practices, workshops, and the implementation of new technologies and equipment to exceed customers’ expectations.

    As passenger and aircraft traffic increase at airports there is more at stake and its imperative to keep airfields to the highest safety standards. It is crucial for airports to plan ahead and prepare their facilities to sustain the increasing number of operations. When airports partner with Hi-Lite they embark on a journey to achieve greater levels of compliance and safety.

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